5 Supplements Every Highly Sensitive Person Should Know About

If you are reading this, chances are you are highly sensitive. Or you know someone who is. As a highly sensitive person, you know all too well about the unique challenges we face. With our extra sensitive sensory systems, there is no denying that the physiological responses we endure from being overstimulated has a large impact on our bodies. As a holistic nutritionist, I am grateful that I know how to assist my body during these times. Here are the top 5 supplements that I can not live without.

  1. Adaptogens – eliminates fatigue and increases energy levels. It is important to note that the body does not distinguish between mental or physical stress, its impact is the same. When we are stressed, our adrenals release cortisol. In times of chronic stress, adrenals become fatigued and can no longer produce the same levels of cortisol. Adaptogens assist the adrenals and helps to restore normal functioning.
    TIP: I take OrthoAdapt by AOR. I love this supplement and notice increased energy almost immediately after I start taking it. I use this during times of high stress, or when I feel burnt out after a stressful period.
  2. Bach Rescue Remedy – reduces anxiety. This herbal remedy is a natural way to restore your inner calm and regain control in stressful situations. This non-habit forming everyday stress reliever helps to improve feelings of self control, stability, comfort, reassurance, confidence and composure. Made from a blend of five flower remedies known for it’s high effectiveness.
    TIP: This works great during a panic attack or an increased emotional state. It provides instant relief and really does the trick for me. I am amazed at its effectiveness.
  3. Digestive Enzymes – improves digestion.  This supplement helps the body to adequately breakdown foods for optimal nutrient absorption. It eliminates bloating, gas and indigestion. When we are stressed, the digestive system is the first system to be affected. Nutrient assimilation and optimal food excretion becomes compromised. High nutrient absorption is so important during times of fatigue and stress, in order to restore normal physiological functioning.
    TIP: I use RenewLife DigestMore. These are always within arms reach at my meal times, as I have issues with digestion. They come with me when I travel as well. 
  4. PassionFlower – sleep aid. This supplement treats insomnia related to nervous exhaustion. It also helps eliminate racing thoughts that keep you up at night. Passionflower is used to gently relax the mind/body to prepare for a more restful nights sleep. A highly effective relaxant and natural sedative.
    TIP: I take Pascoflair by Pascoe. I love it’s non habit forming qualities and take it when I have problems falling asleep.
  5. Fish Oil – anti-inflammatory, mood stabilizer. Omega 3’s are a huge support to cognitive and emotional functioning. These essential fatty acids also assist with hormone balancing and improve overall mood. Make sure to take a high quality fish oil as they can drastically differ in effectiveness. You want a fish oil with a high EPA ratio.
    TIP: I take RenewLife Critical Omega for its high EPA content. It also contain Lipase, which helps to break it down in my system.

After personally feeling the benefits of taking these supplements, I know how important it is to include them into my daily routine. I feel more energized, balanced, calmer, and stronger for it. Remember that supplements are not like medication, while some are noticed right away, others may take a few weeks before the benefits are appreciated. Our bodies are naturally designed to heal themselves, but highly sensitive people are under more stress than the average person, and it is important to assist the body during these times. Here’s to happy, healthy, sensitive people everywhere!

WARNING: All supplements have side effects and you should consult with your health care practitioner if you are considering taking them.


  1. I’ve been taking digestive enzymes for several years now, and they’ve helped so much. Someone actually recommended them to help with a constantly stuffy nose, and I breath better now as well as having fewer stomach issues.
    Your post caught my eye after I had trouble sleeping (again) last night. I might have to try Passion Flower — hadn’t heard of it as a sleep-aid before. I was also wondering if you’ve tried the Bach Rescue Remedy in both spray and pastille form and if so, whether there was one you liked better. Thanks 🙂

    • Nicole Taffs Reply

      Hi Marissa,
      Passion Flower is great for calming the mind, and slowing the racing thoughts that can sometimes keep us up at night. It has worked great for me. I have not tried Bach Rescue Remedy spray or pastilles but I think the spray form would be better. I think the active ingredient would be absorbed by the body better in the spray form. I prefer to get the medicinal ingredient without all the added ingredients that are probably in pastilles. Good luck, I hope these work for you!

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