About Nicole

nicole-150x150My name is Nicole and I am a highly sensitive person. I started The Sensitive Life because I felt a deep need to share the knowledge that I have acquired and studied over the years. This was information that I really needed as a highly sensitive person. I knew I was different from others, my struggles were different, and I felt abnormal. With my rich, complex, interior emotional world, I often felt overwhelmed and helpless. But as my knowledge of this topic grew, so did my abilities and confidence. I began to see and experience all the positives that come from being highly sensitive. I want to share my struggles as well as my knowledge of how to turn our sensitivities into advantages. Here you will find a ton of valuable information on all things sensitive! This blog is for readers who are ready to make some changes. It is for people who desire a clear understanding of who they are and how they can improve. For people who want to know that nothing is wrong with them, that they are normal. If you are highly sensitive, you already know you are a strong person who is courageous enough to live in this vast non-sensitive world. With your strength as a resource, you can turn your sensitivities into advantages. We have many advantages as HSPs. It is only when we learn to embrace and nurture them, that we can thrive. Not just survive in our circumstances, but truly thrive using our sensitivities as the gifts that they are. Our sensitivities are actually talking to us. They are telling us who we really are, what we like to do, who we like to be around, the places we like to go, the careers that are good for us, and the calling we are meant to follow! Are you listening to them?

Our sensitivities point the way to our happiness!

After you read this blog, you may feel empowered. There is a whole world out there that is designed perfectly for highly sensitive people, and you can learn how to access that world. In this blog are specific, actionable strategies and techniques that help you turn your sensitivities into assets.  You may end up loving how sensitive you are and how much it helps guide you in your life. I know I did! You can finally feel an inner peace that you have always longed for. You will be an inspiration to others.